About Us

Elan incorporated FZE, located in the free trade export SAIF Zone, Sharjah, is an established player in the field of Industrial Packaging. The company’s product range covers blow molded packaging including large size 200 to 250 litre drums, medium and small size packaging, pails and lifestyle products. The company has a state-of-the-art production facility at Sharjah, employing stringent quality control systems. Elan Incorporated FZE is a part of the Time Technoplast Multinational Group, which is the largest producer of Industrial Packaging, ranging from IBCs/Plastic/Steel drums. Elan brings you the world’s most popular designs at your doorstep and our R&D endeavors to upgrade to the latest packaging products, consistently.

About Time Technoplast Ltd.

Time Technoplast Ltd. (TimeTech) is a leading polymer product multinational company with operations in India, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. The Company caters to business segments including Industrial Packaging, infrastructure, lifestyle, automotive, healthcare, composite cylinder and material handling. Industrial Packaging business encompasses range of products including Tight Head Drums, Open Top Drums, Jerry Cans, Pails and 1000Iitre Intermediate Bulk Container.

TECHPACK-“Technological driven” packaging

Time’s Industrial Packaging – TECHPACK” is the outcome of experience and technological perfection honed over the years indifferent geographical locations.
Be it the special profile for optimum emptying, designing a new pack for pressure-sensitive chemicals, making smart light-weight drums, using ’MIDAS’ technology for a greener tomorrow, designing for maximum and safe-shipping container utilization or the capability to process new-age material for higher performance, TECHPACK” has continuously set industry benchmarks. A wide range of options are available in Narrow Mouth, Wide Mouth and Open Top Drums or Containers in variety of sizes and even customized for applications.
So, whatever be your packaging need, ask for TECHPACK– an undisputed name in packaging.

GNX – Next Generation IBC Systems

With the popularity of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) spreading far & wide, IBC systems are being increasingly used in newer markets such as Middle East, Asia, far East and Africa apart from established markets of Europe & America.® Time Industrial Packaging introduces Bulktainer GNXSystems designed with exclusive features of efficient performance even in rugged terrains and rough handling, to carry most hazardous and precious chemicals across long stretches of land and water.

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