Best IBC choice for Optimization in container capacity – ‘GNX Maxima’

As is common knowledge, standard 1000 litre IBCs when stuffed in a standard shipping container (20 ft. FCL) fit only 18 IBCs. 10 IBCs (1000 liters) are placed on the floor of container (hence forming the bottom layer) and another 8 are stuffed / stacked on the top. Only 8 IBCs can be fitted on the top layer as the height of the shipping container door does not permit accommodation of last 2 Nos 1000 litre IBCs.Time Technoplast Ltd introduces new revolutionary model of IBC “GNX Maxima” which is 1000 ltr Bulktainer with standard international design & dimensional configuration these newly developed GNX Maxima can stuff 20 IBCs in standard 20’ shipping container. This directly increase the product quantity in container by 2 KL (12% increase) resulting in reduction on FOB, sea fright & transportation expenses. Thus making the product more competitive in current stiff stringent scenario.

Technical Specifications

Description GNX Bulk Container – CP
Dimension (L x W x H) (mm)   1200 x 1000 x 1135
Inner Container
(UV stabilized HM-HDPE)
Standard Transparent
Optional Black / Blue
Useful Volume (Ltr.) Standard 1000 Ltr.
Pallet Type Standard Composite Steel
Filling Opening Standard 150mm
Optional Viton
Gasket for Filling Opening Standard EPDM
Optional Viton
Bottom Discharge Valve Standard 50mm Butterfly
Optional 50mm Ball/
75mm Butterfly
Identification Plate Standard 504 x 396 mm
Optional 673 x 396 mm
700 x 396 mm
Additional Features Identification plates & Security flap at Discharge Port are press – fitted. Option of Camlock adaptors & NPT coupling for Discharging Valve fitted, Option of Camlock adaptors & NPT coupling for Discharge Valve

Flexible Options